Equipment Sales

Durable Compact Tractors

Hobby Hill Farm Sales in Lee Center, NY is proud to sell the equipment of the world’s number one compact tractor provider, Mahindra. Suitable for both commercial and domestic customers, this brand of tractor is extremely flexible, making it an ideal purchase for different purposes, including:

Mahindra tractors are well-known for their reliability, effectiveness, and flexibility to carry out many different tasks. They have many excellent features, including:

  • Powerful and reliable decoding Tier IV compliant engine
  • Lower-rated engine RPM for longer engine life
  • Quick-display warning lights
  • Easy access to engine and maintenance items
  • Instrument panel in clear view
  • Drive-over mower deck available

All Mahindra tractors are high-quality, rugged, and reliable. There are many attachments that can be bought to make the tractor even more flexible, such as:

     -   Root Grapples

  • Pallet forks
  • Bale Spears
  • Tillers

Inventory List:


  • 2- 2021 Mahindra E20s HST Open Station w/Loaders
  • 1- 2020 Mahindra 1626 HST w/Loader (Aged)
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 1626 HST w/Loader
  • 3- 2021 Mahindra 1626 Shuttle w/Loader
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 1635 Shuttle w/Loader
  • 2- 2021 Mahindra 1635 HST Cab w/Loader
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 2638 HST Open Station w/Loader
  • 2- 2021 Mahindra 2638 HST Cab w/Loader
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Open Station w/Loader
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 1640 HST Cab w/Loader
  • 1- 2021 Mahindra 3640 PST Open Station w/Loader
  • 1 2021 Mahindra 4550 Gear w/Loader


USED TRACTORS                                                                                   

  • 2011 TYM T353 HST w/loader & Cab
  • 2018 Mahindra Max26XL HST w/Loader
  • 2020 Mahindra 1626 HST w/Loader



Front and Rear Snow Blowers, Mowers, Tillers, Plows, Landscape Rakes, Back Blades, Bale Spears, Box Blades, Land Leveler, Pallet Forks, Grapples. We can order just about anything


Landmaster Inventory

  • 1- 2021 L4 Red 2wd poly bed
  • 1- 2021 L5w Black 4wd standard poly bed
  • 1- 2021 L7 Blue 4wd Steel bed
  • 1- 2021 L7x Camo 4wd w/trail package poly bed
  • 1- 2021 L7x Blue 4wd w/trail package steel bed

Most major accessories, 3 Bed options, all hood colors, wheel packages and more.


If you need small engines, or 3-pt implements for your tractors, you don’t have to look elsewhere because we also have those in our inventory. You can count on us to help you get anything you require to keep your business running.

We also offer first-rate equipment that can help in lawn and garden maintenance, such as lawn mowers and wood splitters. Browse our selection to find the equipment that best suits your needs. Start enhancing your property’s landscape today!

To learn about our latest inventory list, please contact us at 315-571-5398 or send us an email